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Take a deep breath....

I think a good blow up is all I needed to clear my head. It'll be long time to completely erase this downturn that I'm in. I've been re-reading Small Stakes Hold'Em in preparation to the Vegas trip I just completed (trip report in progress) and I'm seeing some of the mistakes that I'm making.

I'm limping in with too many speculative hands (small suited one-gaps etc) and I'm cold calling with strong speculative hands when I should just be folding (middle pocket pairs and suited broadways) and it's getting me into trouble.

I know that I should be raising from the blinds with some hands that I'll just limp or check with. I just hate playing out of position. Especially vs. small stakes players who will limp in with AK type hands and then never reraise you when they hit TPTK so I keep betting into them thinking they obviously have a weaker kicker or they'd rR. Oh well, I should be happy that I have these passive douches at my table, or they'd be able to extract maximum value from me.

The Vegas trip was nice, it was nice to break the six session $340 streak I've been on. The worst thing is that for the year, I was up $203 and finally I had was in the black on Full Tilt. I was feeling that I was finally getting the hang of LHE. ...then all hell broke lose and I lost about $100 on FTP in addition to the live losing streak.

We'll see, we'll see. I think the problem is I get over confident sometimes and it kills me, I start to get too loose. Or something! I don't know, it seems that when ever I feel confident I get my ass handed to me.
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