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This post is in stark contrast to Donkey Herder's post...

In January of last year I deposited about $270 into Full Tilt. At the time I was feeling pretty confident about my game and thought I'd really be able to run up my online bank roll. I was doing well enough that I had come up with a play to pull out a portion of my winnings and start putting it towards buys stocks, savings etc....

Then the shit hit the fan. I started spewing chips faster than I was earning money from the bonus. I'm not sure how low I eventually got, but I'm pretty sure I was sub $200 even though I had cleared $100 in bonus. I was pretty demoralized. Towards the end of the down swing I switched from 5/10c NLHE to 25/50c LHE and it helped slow the downward trend. By the end of the bonus's life time I leveled out and I was only down about $50. But I still hadn't turned it around well into the summer. Towards the end of the year I went on a rush and pushed the bankroll up to the break even point. I was happy that I could say that I hadn't *lost* money, but I certainly wasn't proud of myself. It didn't help that I was running really poorly live and losing money hand over fist. A trend that has yet to stop.

At the beginning of this year I finally broke $300 on this account for the first time (the -$70 level) but I dropped down soon after. I got back but couldn't hold it there. The cycle repeated itself twice more. Finally half way through this summer I went on a tear and broke the $300 barrier and started flirting with the break even point. (The graph gets a little muddled because my minor scores at other sites weren't filtered out.)

Just this last week I was within $3.00 of my goal. I was really excited about the prospects of breaking that long awaited barrier, and sat down thinking $2.85 should be no problem. After dropping $15 I decided to head to bed.

Then this morning it happened. I was within 55 cents and sat down, playing one table of 5/10c NLHE and another of 25/50c LHE when I hit it! I was so stoked, I decided I would relish in achieving my goal, so I decided to get up once the blinds got to me. I folded three hands at the limit table stood up, and just as I was about to fold my UTG hand at the no limit table when I'm dealt AKo. FOCK! I wasn't about to give up my pre-flop equity just to cling to some meaningless goal. Since I was only six cents over my goal, I couldn't even limp and hope to fold when I miss the flop. So I raise, a short stack next to me calls, then another short stack on the button jams. I shake my head, re-raise all-in hopping to isolate, but the other short stack calls. I'm actually not too bad shape as I'm up against QJs and TT. I lose.

Happily it was during the next session I finally reached my goal.

There it is, a screen shot of my FTP bankroll showing me as making nine dollars and six cents (excluding the bonus) after 19 and half months. Yes, after 402.1 table hours, 871 sessions, 33,505 hands, I made barely more than six dollars.
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