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More evidance that I'm a break even poker player

This was described in my personal journal:
"I just compiled a crap load of poker hands on Poker Tracker and was seeing how I was doing at various games and after 24K hands of 25/50c Limit Hold'em on Full Tilt, I'm up ten cents."

Further evidence that I'm a break even player was found today when I compiled my notes on all of my various accounts. I will be coming up on my 3 year anniversary of my first deposit. Over the course of three years of online play I've deposited $360 on various online sites. I've since pulled back all but $115. The sum total of all of my accounts is $973.47. I've made just shy of $860 playing poker online in three years. Definitely won't be chased down by the IRS for that amount.

What bothers me though is that over $625 of that was sign up bonuses. And that doesn't include the books and software that I got through poker source online. Over 70% of my profit was hand outs. What a pisser.

Well, at least I never emptied an account through my loses. I just wish my live game was seeing even a measly profit. One estimate has me at a $980 loss. Mostly $2/4 limit hold'em where I'm losing about 2 big bets an hour. sigh... I'm not playing live at the casinos until my online winnings surpass my live losses. Which likely means that I'll play a bunch online, finally get the balance in my favor then play one session live at the casino and then have to grind for a few more months. Fortunately I have a soft 25/50c NLHE game that I found. It's been treating me well. I just need to not be too greedy or people won't invite me any more.
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