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This is my first year of the WRGPT so I have noting to compare it to. I expected it to be slow, but I got a crappy draw and ended up at one of the slowest tables in the entire tournament. I once checked to see what hand everyone was on and of the whole tournament, only four tables had played fewer hands. Argh! I think in the 20 or so hands I only one a single hand, with a preflop raise with AKo in the cut-off.

The second table is moving much better, now I'm hitting a hand every day or every other day. it's a nice change of pace. I've also picked up a few hands this week. I built my stack up by getting a few preflop raises called and then picking up the pot on the flop. It'd be nice to get post flop action, but at least it's some action.

The pots are getting big now that there are antes.

The average stack size is 30520 and I am holding 26475.
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