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Close captioned for the thinking impared.

scenes from the WSOP

Living 2 blocks from the Rio has it's advantages. My roomie deals at the WSOP and I decided to walk about and check in on things.

Day 3 of the World Championship 10 grand Mixed event, down to 30 people at this time.

Doyle Brunson with Ele Elezra to his right. Couldn't see their stacks but Ele does alot of walking.

Chad Brown was playing at the same table as

Gus Hansen. Gus seemed happy; he was walking alot, signing stuff and chatting with friends on the sidelines. One person he kept checking on was

Vanessa Rousso. She was struggling and had a tough table indeed. She was at the 7th seat; to her right was Marcel Luske. Position 3 was...

Mike Sexton followed by Sammy Farha. Got to see a 3-way all-in where Farha busted Sexton and Luske.

Johnny Chan was at a table with nobody I knew and smiled alot. He has a booth out in front set up for his All-In energy drinks and waters. Judging by his haircolor, I think he lost a prop bet. There was also an Omaha/7 card stud hi-low 8/better event that started at 5pm. Some I saw there were

Greg Ramer

Kristy Gazes... she has the most beautiful smile!

Movie/Tv Producer Gary Marshall, sitting at the same table as

Jennifer Harmon who was holding her own at the table. Not so fortunate at the next table was

Daniel Negreanu. He busted out on this hand. Saw him do the same at the Rebuy for the mixed event yesterday at a table with

Clonie Gowan. Other people I spotted or bumped into were Scotty Guyen, David Williams, the very tall Evelyn Ng, friend Andy Block ( he took 2nd in the pot limit holdem event) Liz Lieu, Chris ferguson and Phil Ivey. While it's hard to get a feel for the games here with the distance and view, all the players make themselves very accessible, and the crowds aren't too thick to enjoy it. Here's a shot of the ESPN high limit lounge set. You can mostly walk right in to watch the feature table play.

If you like this or if there's something you'd like to see, just comment and let me know.
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