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An incredible donkey bad beat story.

I am playing on Bodog Poker in a $500.00 Guaranteed tournament. I have been dominating the field up to this point with several awesome plays. I have over $16,000.00 in chips and the blinds are only at $75.00/$150.00. A lot of players by this point are letting themselves be blinded out, so there are only about five active players at the table. Now here's where it gets nasty.

Blinds Posted: $75/$150

It is folded around to me in middle-late position and I make a loose raise to $430 with A-5.

I get one caller.

Board comes A-3-8

I bet 700, he raises to 1400. By this point I think he has an Ace with a better kicker than mine at best.

Turn comes 4, I bet 800 more to see where he stands and he calls.

River comes 5. I go all-in with my two pair looking VERY nice against his supposed Ace.

He calls for about 7,000 more and shows up pocket deuces.

2-2 for the runner-runner straight. Tell me that this is not insane.
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