patty_bush (patty_bush) wrote in poker_stories,

Two new poker experiences

So I signed up for the email poker tournament, I'm currently at table 38 in the practice round. I "came back from vacation" just in time to get involved in a hand from the big blind.

My office hours are starting at midnight, so I'm screwed if the other guy in the hand reraises me after I go to bed because I'll time out before I check my email.

damnit. I'm still trying to work on my advanced actions.

I changed my office hours, but it's too late for this hand. hrmph.

If you're intrigued there is still time to sign up

The other thing I did was play one of the Matrix tournaments on Full Tilt. It was a $1.25 9 player NLHE sit-n-go.

If you never heard of it it's a tournament where you play four tables at once against the same nine players. For every player you out last you get 1 point, you get two for knocking out a player, and another two if you win one of the tables. The points are added up after the last table is done and one fifth the prize pool goes to the top three, and the top three finishers of each table also get one fifth. The pay outs were 90c 54c and 36c.

I ended up getting two 3rd place table finishes, I won one, and got third place in points. It worked out to be a 70c score. not bad for a guy who barely plays SnG's. I'm not sure if I'll play another, but it wasn't too bad.

Apparently one person's strategy was to sit out he first 30 minutes so that he's get last longer points. Once I realized he was sitting out, I started attacking his blinds relentlessly, no one else seemed to have picked up on it.
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