patty_bush (patty_bush) wrote in poker_stories,

WRGPT update

I've been pinned down with a massive stack LAG player two to my right the whole entire D round.

Fortunately I was just able to double through him by jamming with A5s and beating his K8s.

This is how the standings look now for me, I'm the blue line.

I'm sitting with 51,950 in 158th place.
With 388 remaining and an avg stack of ~52,600.

I'm not doing too bad. I just wish I would be able to steal a little bit, but I can't with this guy to my right. The only times I can open the pot are when I'm UTG / UTG+1 and I can't steal from that position, and besides, then I have the table bully sitting int eh blinds at that point.


We added two players to our table recently, I was in seat 6, big stack in 4, so one of the new guys should fill the empty seat right? Nope, they both sat to my left. fark...

And the tables are breaking from the highest table number, so table eleven won't be breaking this round... sigh...
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